Not far from wherever you are, this place is going to bowl you over, more so for the fact that If you want to be gastronomically abducted and you have no fears of the lethal aspects, then The Guwhati Address by Centre Point is the place to hang out in. You may think of doing this alone or with a bunch of friends!

A wide range on the menu will definitely satiate your taste buds and whirl you into a mayhem of delight. Well, that’s what we want, right? To be happy!

The Guwhati Address has a different connotation for happiness. As soon as you step in, you will be greeted by a riot of colours splashed all around. While you’re trying to catch your breath and say “Wow”, you would have already been chaperoned to a seat of your choice. Soft-spoken liveried attendants make you feel as comfortable as possible

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