Pet love

“The love for an animal is the greatest of love as it’s unconditional”.

Pet love definitely is the greatest love, don’t you think so? I mean the spark these angels give you and bring into your life is priceless. These days it is quite a common sight to spot pet owners with their babies. Even the social media sights are full with love for pets and all the goodness they share.

Personally as a dog owner myself I can vouch for the happiness a pet can bring you. The look they give when you’re leaving home makes you just want to stay back or tag them along. The sheer joy in their eyes when you’re back makes you realise how special you are. The wagging of the tail or the circles around you makes you realise that you mean the world to them and that’s why owning a pet is the greatest decision ever.


My sister is a mother to our two dogs and by mother I mean a real mother who looks into their well being completely but is just not their biological mother. She fights with the whole house for them, takes a search team to hunt them down when they are missing and makes me their guardian when she is not around. So what I’m trying to emphasise actually is that adopting a pet can be the best thing ever as they do a number of great things like-

Help Reduce Stress

Pets are like our best friend who support us all through, are always available to listen (judgement free) and just love us Unconditionally. Pets wait on you, love you and make you feel happy and without you even knowing the stress is gone.

A Constant Companion

People are not always around when you need them, but pets are. They are constantly giving love and gratitude, and they are happy to be in your presence. You can be yourself around pets and they are always there.

Provides 24X7 Entertainment

Pets are a great source of entertainment. They are living creatures that have habits, quirks, and personalities that can keep you laughing for hours. The best part is that pet’s personalities can distract you from an issue under the sun and can make you laugh your heart out and keep the boredom away.

Teaches you responsibility 

No matter what type of pet you get, it will require you to take care of it. Being responsible for another living being can help you be more responsible in the rest of your life too. This is especially true for kids who are learning the value of routine and good habits. However, adults can benefit from the consistent responsibility as well.

Teaches You Compassion

Compassion and love are the necessities that are needed to survive and to continue humanity. Owning a pet who depends on you for survival, good health, and happiness, can definitely cause you to become a more compassionate person. You have to look outside of your own wants and needs, and look into their wants and needs. And, more importantly, you have to take action on their wants and needs.

Makes you a pro at NVC

NVC is non-verbal communication that is important as a pet cannot speak, so you have to be able to read their cues and body language. You will be amazed at how this ability can transfer into your daily life with other people.It is said that almost 90% of communication is nonverbal. Having a good grasp on it can help you have better relationships both in your personal and work life.

Pets Can Sense Danger

They great alarm bells that will help you escape danger. We all know that dogs will bark when they sense someone near the house, and that can be very good for home security; however, pets can sense far more than just a stranger. And over the years we have read and heard such great stories and incidents of pets saving lives. No matter what kind of pet you get, animals seem to have a sense of danger that we don’t always have, and a pet just may save your life!

Source: T.B for The Blueyes Infotainment

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