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DOC :29/07/2017
Behind the lens #BhaskarDevKonwar
Asstt.Photographer #NeelParasar
Technical : Deep

Under the auspices of Fashion Society Shillong artistes of different age genres sang one old hit song after another which inspired a generation of musicians.It was a nostalgic trip down memory lane and the fans also lived up to the reputation of one of the best in the world for any rock shows.Good songs and music don’t have an expiry date.

#DannyDann performed with the Colours Band whose singing was flawless.

#HubertDavidMaingiang left the crowd wanting more with his Mexican accent which was too good.

#BahHeadingsonRynthz#Bah Phom, #BahTariang and #KongTherisa all proved that wine gets better with age so do the voice.

#SamShullai on the drums was amazing.

Jazz numbers were too soothing as it flowed from the 4th Element Group.

An inspirational teacher Sara War’s voice is evergreen and absorbing.The icing on the cake was the soulful medley at the end.

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