Guwahati ki Diwali

The city looked as magnificent as a bride and lit in the brightest of hues. The celebrations went on during the weekend and even Monday saw a bit of a sparkle in the air.

The Kamrup (Metro) district administration had appealed to the Guwahatians for a green and eco-friendly Diwali. The pollution control board had fixed the upper level for noise from crackers at 125Db and the Deputy Commissioner M Angamuthu, himself appealed to the people not to light crackers in the vicinity of hospitals and to assist the GMC in disposing off the waste materials.

The city also had witnessed a ban on Chinese fireworks that had caused quite a brawl among the sellers who had already imported the goods but the ban proved to be a blessing for the Barpeta manufacturers of local fireworks.

The 2nd day of Diwali, 30th of October was a mixed day for the people of Guwahati as the celebrations coincided with the “black day” of Assam observed every year in memory of the people who lost their life in the serial blasts that shook the city in the year 2008 on 30th October. Many leading organizations had appealed to people from restraining but the celebrations did take place though in a very low key and muted manner.  No celebration

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Kali Puja was celebrated in a big way this year (not that the previous years had no celebration). I witnessed quite a few stunning pandals, like the ones during Durga Puja and the most impressive one was the one at Noonmati just near Anadanagar. This Puja committee was celebrating its silver jubilee and they left no stone unturned in making the celebrations grand. There was this huge idol of Lord Shiva along with the different avatars of Kaali represented. The concept and execution was great and was an immediate crowd puller. I had also witnessed visarjan this year of Ma Kaali and it was similar to the one of Durga Ma but just little fewer participants. I get lucky witnessing such moments, all thanks to the place I live.

The #movingGuwahati people- UBER had something up this Diwali, as they did their best to double the joy this festival as their delivered rangoli and sweets. All that was needed to be done was to request for uberDIWALI between 11 am – 3 pm on 29th October and happiness reached the door.

All in all, Guwahati had a fun Diwali this year and tried its best to be as eco-friendly and green as possible. With such noble and strong intentions by the citizens of the city, next year Diwali shall definitely be more eco-friendly and green. Till then let’s enjoy the rest of the festivities that shall follow suit soon.

Source: T.B for The Blueyes Infotainment.

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