On Sunday, the 19th of March, Guwahati witnessed what I take the liberty of calling a historic event , as far as the modelling and glamour industry is concerned. For the first time, since the inception of Femina Miss India, which is now rechristened as FBB Colors Femina Miss India, the pageant provided a unique opportunity to aspiring girls from the north eastern states of the country. Previously, the girls would have to go to Kolkata and vie for a single spot in the Miss India grand finale.

But this year there was a welcome and positive change, for the girls as well as for the people from the region. The pageant created a platform where every state from the north east had an assured spot for the finals to be held in June, in Mumbai.  This ensures that every north eastern state is represented in this prestigious and pioneering beauty pageant of our country, that have given the world some amazingly beautiful and talented women.

The 2017 gala finals in Mumbai will witness six of our most gorgeous, talented and promising aspirants vie for the title to be be crowned Miss India and eventually represent the nation at an international podium.

The selection process for these 6 winners was not an easy task for the judges, but being a competition, there has to be a winner. The girls from each state were judged over three rounds, until three from each state were shortlisted for the finals. This included an evening wear and a question and answer round. The pageant also for the first time opened itself to an audience polling, which added to the excitement of the event. The six girls who gets a direct or an auto entry to the Mumbai finals are:


These girls will be crowned in Kolkata, at the East Zone Crowning Ceremony, on the 28th of March, 2017, at the Swissotel Hotel, Kolkata . The mentor for the East Zone was Dipannita  Sharma, who is a renowned model in Mumbai, with quite a few films under her bag and who hails from Assam herself. The panel of judges included, Natasha Grover, who is the Director Femina Miss India, our very own talented designer and a fashionista herself, Nandini Baruva and finally Colin Jacob Rajan- Mr India 2016 Top 10 finalist.

Beginning from the conceptualisation to its execution, this event also speaks volumes about the hard work and dedication put in by the talent scout company, Design Culture, headed by the young and dynamic Chow Poran J. Gogoi. They were the official talent partners for the 6 north eastern states and in the words of Chow himself, it was a Herculean task selecting these aspirants from the various states, with many from remote areas.

Coming to the more subjective part of this pageant, it goes without saying that all the girls were very impressive. But as Natasha Grover put it herself, they have a long way to go. I couldn’t agree with her more, cause in the days and months to come, our finalists will have a gruelling task ahead of them, in terms of grooming, physical fitness and mental preparedness. These girls will be vying against the rest of Indias best talents, and all of whom are equally motivated, hard working and will not stop short of displaying their A- game. Our girls also have the added pressure of carrying the legacy of the crown forward, for the reigning Miss India, Priyadarshini Chatterjee is from Assam herself. More than feeling this as a pressure, the finalists ought to take inspiration and motivation from Priyadarshinee.

This is not the final destination and certainly not the ending, but rather the beginning of a beautiful journey, a dream harboured by our young and talented girls. I wish them all the very best for the journey onwards and like me, an entire region will be cheering for them.

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1) Deepak Das

2) Kakali Das

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