“What would you do if you’re thrown out of the train you’re traveling in by thieves who tried to pull your bag and gold chain and your body ping-pongs with an oncoming train on the other track? For me, I thought I would not live to see another day!”

Arunima Sinha, was a few minutes too late trying to get to her feet. In the meantime, two trains had run over her left feet, crushing it below the knee. Doctors had to amputate the limb to save her life!


“While lying in bed at the AIMS Hospital, I shouted for everyone to hear that I was not at fault and I was not trying to commit suicide. But no one listened! That’s when I became quiet and resolved to climb the Mt. Everest!” That was in 2011! The rest as they say is history!

On 21st May, 2013, Arunima Sinha became the first woman amputee and first Indian amputee to scale the Mt. Everest after 17 hours of toiling!

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So, when are you planning to climb your Everest? Have you drawn a road map yet?


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